Do you want a fun lifestyle, doing all the things you love and are passionate about?
Is the lack of economic freedom holding you back?  Is lack of ‘how to’ holding you back? This site will show you how a flat broke 40 year old became a millionaire in under four years! In his Ten Steps to Wealth e-Newsletter, Paul Counsel shares his journey to economic and personal freedom and this is available to you for FREE!
If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, if you want an easy, problem free path to learning…this information is NOT for  you.
If you are interested on finding out how you may change your current circumstances and learn about how you may have the lifestyle you dream about, then you are in the right place.

Testimonials “I don’t think that we can achieve a great deal just by ourselves. I am certainly not alone in this thinking. All successful people will tell you that they have been educated, instructed and stimulated by someone else who they acknowledge as a mentor. We are eventually the person who will attain our aims by our own actions. However, a quantum leap can be accomplished with the help of a guide. For me, Paul Counsel has been a counsellor as well as a teacher, an adviser and most of all a supporter.  Paul’s Ten Steps to Wealth e-Newletter is one of the many tools I have used to accelerate my journey of health and happiness.” Jean-Robert Hote Lecturer – Bibra Lake – Western Australia About Roma Fragomeni:  On a single, non-professional income for my entire working life, I realised that I was destined to retire on the age-pension, unless I did something different! I started attending seminars and listening to people who were changing their own situations. This is when I met Paul Counsel.  Acting on his information gave me the step up I needed to commence the journey away from poverty.


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